Estatoe Path Sour Golden (2020) - 500mL bottle

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Estatoe Path Sour Golden (2020)

From the brewer:

“Every year – now three years running – we release our Estatoe Path Sour Golden, a farmhouse ale re-fermented on local honey. It's aged in the same oak barrel with the same honey from the same farm and crafted within the same week, every year. Honey acts differently every year though, and sourwood always tastes like sourwood in the same way a Vidal Blanc grape always tastes like a Vidal Blanc grape except there are slight nuances to each year's harvest. This year is perfect.⁣

⁣First, the aroma comes across as big, sweet honey as if drizzled over a biscuit, then as the glass starts to breathe, the sourwood comes through, opening up to subtle star anise, cinnamon sugar toast, chai tea, gingerbread, and cloves. I’ve always described sourwood as the “bourbon” of honey. It's robust and intense. It almost has a bite to it, but honey is just pure sugar and will always be sweet. If you've had this beer in the past, it has been very sour. Not this year.⁣

This year almost drinks like a mead with the perfect pinch of sour. The flavor is honey, honey, honey, and finishes as dry as possible, yet it has body left over from the honey. Really feel like I nailed it this year, and I’m proud to say it’s reached peak maturity and is ready to enjoy!”

10.4% ABV

Available in 500mL hand-capped bottles